Who Is Steve M. Ritchie?


In January 2018, Steve M. Ritchie became the new CEO for Papa John’s. Papa John’s is one of the worlds leading pizza franchisees. One might wonder who Steve M. Ritchie is. Ritchie has spent almost his entire adult life working for Papa John in various capacities. Unlike many who find themselves in positions of power within a company, Steve M. Ritchie started at the bottom and worked his way up throughout the business with hard work and dedication.

In the beginning, Steve Richie PaPa John’s served as a customer service representative and later as a delivery driver. He has been a general manager, area supervisor, and franchise owner. He has served as vice-president of Papa John’s and director or operations. In 2014, Steve M. Ritchie became the chief operating officer, so with all his experience, it is no wonder he was elected CEO last year.

With more than 22 years at Papa John’s, he has watched the business grow into the third largest pizza company in the world.

Ritchie is a longterm resident of Louisville, Kentucky. In 2013, Steve Ritchie was listed in Forty under Forty, a publication of Louisville Business First.

Steve M. Ritchie plans on owning 100 franchises and serving on the board of directors for Fortune 500 Companies by 2025. At the pace, Steve Ritchie is moving and his level of dedication he should have no problem achieving his goals.

Steve M. Ritchie is expected to take Papa John’s to lead global development and help them achieve brand awareness. To accomplish this Steve Ritchie plans to focus on some strategies. He is creating accessible products for all groups. He has called all his staff, franchises, and customers to take diversity training much like Starbucks did last year after an incident where two black men were mistakenly arrested at a Starbucks in Philidelphia for loitering.

Another approach Steve M. Ritchie is taking to help meet his goals is that in using social media to place orders instantly like Facebook. He is also opening new franchises such as the Bahamas. These changes are sure to help not only keep Papa John’s current number one rating from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and help Ritchie stay in charge of Papa John’s. Refer to This Article for more information.


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