Victoria Doramus Makes The World A Bit Better By Supporting An Animal Rights Nonprofit

Living in both London, England, and New York, New York, Victoria Doramus is a successful marketing expert who has worked for a number of firms. The three media companies she has shared her creative talents at are Trendera, Creative Arts Agency, and Mindshare. She also once worked in the cosmetics industry as she was a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics in Los Angeles, California.

She is pretty industrious and worked as a freelance writer and research assistant for two years. Among the publications Victoria Doramus’ writing appeared in were “Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations”, “What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide”, and Huffpost where she wrote about lifestyles and trending topics.

Victoria Doramus is now primarily a volunteer for a few nonprofit organizations. She wants to do her part to reshape the world into one that more closely matches the world that most people want to live in. Part of this is supporting people and part of it is supporting animals, she says.

One of the not-for-profits that Victoria Doramus dedicates her time to is Best Friends Animal Society which has a chapter in New York City. This organization is a nonprofit 501 that works across the nation. They promote pet adoption, spaying and neutering cats and dogs, and ending the practice of animal shelters killing unwanted cats and dogs.

The roots of this organization started in the 1980s when a group of friends wanted to do something about America’s animal shelters routinely killing the pets under their care, beginning with the ones that were sick. They felt this was incredibly wrong, just like Victoria Doramus feels, and so they established their own no-kill animal shelter. They learned that if they loved the cats and dogs and took good care of them people would adopt them and give them great homes.

Victoria Doramus helps out this nonprofit in a few ways. She helps them hold adoption events and is active in fundraising drives. She also assists them in efforts to educate the public about pet adoption from animal shelters instead of going to puppy mills or breeders.