The Success of OSI Food Solutions in the Global Food Market

OSI Food Solutions is one of Americas highest-performing privately held companies. Since its inception, OSI has grown into one of the leading providers of healthy food that is value-added. OSI has a network of clients across the world that consist of leading retail stores. The firm has cemented its reputation as a go-to brand for processed foods in the American and global market.

Value addition and food processing have been at the heart of OSI Food Solutions’ business since the company’s establishment. Following an increase in demand, the OSI Food has decided to venture into food product development and will be offering these services to its clients around the world.

OSI can boast of being part of the production process of its agricultural produce, something most firms in their position are not doing. At OSI Food Solutions, the sourcing and distribution of food are considered an aspect of manufacturing. OSI’s end products are distributed and delivered using OSI’s complex worldwide chain management system.

OSI is one of the most successful American companies to the extent that it is being compared to the trillion-dollar company, Apple. OSI currently operates from 17 nations while also having 65 facilities distributed across these nations.

Despite having several outlets and facilities across the world, the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality products for its clients is a priority at OSI Food Solutions. The firm is expanding into various regions across the world. OSI recently finished the construction of a mega facility in China. The facility’s construction is a feat of its kind by a foreign firm in China. OSI is also acquiring new firms in different regions across the world while also partnering with local firms and communities. Recently, OSI completed the acquisition of the Tyson Food plant and Baho Food

OSI’s mission is the delivery of healthy, tasty, and delightful foods in every service. With this as an objective, OSI is investing in understanding the detailed and diverse requirements of its clients which allows them to meet its varied demands. The OSI Food is also responsive and consistent when it comes to service delivery. OSI is currently offering the tailored processing of vegetables, meat, fruits, and other protein-based foods.