The Significant Involvement of Barbara Stokes in the Management of Hurricane Harvey

The 25th afternoon of August last year, the areas around Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and Tennessee were hit by the Hurricane Harvey, which is estimated to have caused damages worth billions of dollars. Approximately $125 billion was used by the federal government in the recovery and rescue of the people and families affected by the cyclone, making it the second-costliest cyclone in the history of the United States of America. However, despite the massive destruction of the catastrophe, the Federal Government deserves a lot of credit following the improvements that it showed and demonstrated in terms of preparedness, compared to the previous catastrophic event of the Katrina Floods. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

One of the improvements that earned credit for the government is the involvement of the small and medium-sized construction businesses and contractors to aid in the process of relocation and resettlement of the affected families. For instance, the Green Structured Housing, a construction company led by its able CEO, Barbara Stokes, took a very significant role in this process of supporting the victims to resettle, by assisting in the rebuilding process and also in the transportation of their property. Barbara Stokes, under his able leadership of the company, deployed all the company machinery in the process of rescuing and restoration of these families hence offering them peace of mind.


The government’s decision to allow private evacuators and construction companies in this rescue mission was as a lesson learned during Katrina. During this tragedy, the private boat owners had made attempts to access the areas affected by the floods with the aim of rescuing the families that were affected by the floods. In response to this, the government barred the boat owners, in the fear that they would contribute to additional hazard if they were also overwhelmed by the catastrophe. This caused a delay in the evacuation of these families, leading to increased deaths and loss of property as a result of the floods.

Concerning the turnaround time, the government also showed improvements since it had already trained a disaster management team that responded urgently to the event before many people were affected. This was an initiative that was recommended by the Congress as a precautionary measure after Katrina. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.