The Reality Genius of Bennett Graebner

As an executive producer, Bennett Graebner has successfully exceeded with his hit television programs, “The Bachelor”, and the “The Bachelorette”. These two programs have been widely celebrated and watched by millions of viewers. While these two programs have been his “flagship shows”, he continues to expand this work in the reality television field and creating new television programs (ENews).

Through his career in the television industry, Mr. Graebner has worked as a production assistant, best boy grip and cinematographer. So he fully understands the challenges of producing television programs and is able to utilize this experience in his current positions and how he interacts with and understands his staff.

Mr. Graebner’s has been instrumental in producing reality television programs that have been “top rating performers.” He has a very strong understanding of how the story should be developed and creating a strong narrative flow. Bennett Graebner strives for his programs to have strong characters, a plot and a relatable structure. The storylines for his programs have real-life storylines that the viewers can relate to. His shows are considered by many as “cultural phenomenons.”

Bennett Graebner has received numerous awards for his work. He has received awards by the “Teen Choice Awards”, the “BMI Film and Television Award”, and the “ASCAP Film and Television Award.” He works very hard to stay on top in the competitive television industry but still stick to hard work and understanding the needs of his co-workers.

Bennett Graebner has always been a “patron of the arts”, and strives to create programs that viewers can love and understand. His motto has been “don’t let minor failures get you down”, and to be honest, kind and never stop searching for the next great idea. He loves the entertainment industry and always looks for ways to contribute to upcoming students.

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