The Passionate Best Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery. She grew up in Austin Texas with her parents, the father a dentist and the mother as a surgical nurse. First, she graduated from University of Texas, with an honors degree in Bachelor of Arts biology, before joining the University of Texas Medical Branch, a medical school. She directed her interest to aesthetic surgery upon which she took up passion in plastic surgery and more information click here.

Her career started from Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital as an aesthetic surgeon, where she participated in several clinical trials, which led to re-approve of implants for silicon breasts. Her remarkable work led to her membership in the board of American Plastic and Aesthetic surgeons. Despite the small number of women in her field of surgery, she still worked to excel in her job. During her pregnancy, she moved to Austin her home, opened up a surgical hospital, and has a clinic to support the hospital. She has twins who are the reason for her relocation to her birthplace and learn more about Jennifer.

In addition, Jennifer Walden is dedicated to her work because to her, it is a means of helping women cope with the world by increasing their confidence, so that they are able to go on with their daily lives in a normal way. To her, being a plastic surgeon is a good calling as she is a woman, then many women are able to open up to her for their needs, without feeling judged for their intentions and therefore prides in her work. She is happy about what she does and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

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