The Man behind the Establishment and Success Of JD.Com

Richard Liu is a popular Chinese internet Mogul. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of JD.Com which is one of the two largest online retail platforms in the whole of China as well as the entire Asian continent. The company was founded in the year 2004 as an online platform that he used to sell the product made by the Magneto-Optical Brand. At this time, the company went by the name It was two years later that he decided to rebrand the business into a general retail platform that deals a variety of products including electronics, foodstuffs, cosmetics and several other products that are manufactured in China as well as other countries. This was also when the company bought the domain JD.Com. JD.Com has since then become the go-to e-commerce platform which boasts of more than three hundred million subscribers. The company has collaborated with companies like Walmart and Tencent which owns a small percentage of the company and does the marketing for the company. Professor profile. Through Richard Liu, the company has become one of the fortune 500 rank companies and earns revenue of more than fifty-five billion dollars annually. The company uses robotics and environment-friendly means for delivery and packaging.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu began career as a college student. He would offer programming and loan services to a variety of clients and families. After college, he worked as a computer expert for a health product manufacturing company before he started his retail business. He launched his firsts retail shop that sold magneto-optical products in the year 1998. Within a span of five years, he had launched a chain of twelve such stores in different parts of the country. Business was booming for Richard until the year 2003 when there was a SARS outbreak in the country. The outbreak made it hard for his employees to work hence he encountered a lot of losses before he decided to harness his computer skills and start the online retail platform that led to the development of JD.Com.

Richard Liu was born in 1973 and attended the China Europe International Business School and the Peoples University of China where he got his EMBA and sociology degrees respectively.

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