Talk Fusion was established in 2007 with the aim of assisting an organization to have an advantage in the market by increasing the sales as well as profits. It is a tool that gives a platform for organizations to portray their marketing endeavors interactive and more memorable by using videos. The app is available to over 140 nations and has expanded with the addition of a video chat app.


This app comes with useful fresh features and settings for extra convenience and assists an organization to maintain its competitive aspect in the business sphere. It is available to both Android phone users as well as iOS phone users. Video emailing is the app’s leading products by letting companies connect easily with their clients. Users can send video messages via email directly from their smartphone devices to their clients, enabling them to oversee the video marketing endeavors from all locations across the globe.


With the ability to merge videos with customized email messages for a particular vendor, client, or a team member, their attention is captured and gives the upper hand over traditional drafted promotional emails will. It also leads to more click-through, and the company to client engagement is elevated. The Talk Fusion app allows a user to perform all the processes of conveying videos. The user can choose a previously recorded video from the gallery and upload it or can do a live recording of what they wish to send and convey them using this app. After the video has been uploaded or completed recording, there are various options to choose from a variety of templates. The display name can as well be altered along with other features to best suit the message being sent.


Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, likes to mention that one can use the app to make personal calls to family and friends. The other advantage that this app has is the ability to make video calls to one’s family or friends using different devices. The calls are formed on a shared link which allows the connection between any devices and any location and conveying of unlimited messages.


Talk Fusion has made positive impacts on thousands of lives globally by giving back to the society, revolutionized the payment system by creating the first Instant Pay worldwide. They are proud winners of the Product of the Year Award for WebRTC and Communications Solutions both in 2016.


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