The 4 Success Traits You Can Adopt From Paul Herdsman’s Life

You might know Paul Herdsman as a dad, fishing enthusiast, husband, weekend golfer, entrepreneur, and a problem solver. Or, do you know him as the CEO and Co-Founder of Nice Global?


In this article, here are some of the Business’ Key Strategies that make Paul Herdsman’s endeavors a great success.


  1. Having a vision. Paul stressed the importance of reflecting on your idea is a powerful tool to shift your mindset. Great entrepreneurs have a clear path they wish their businesses to pursue. How do you want your venture to fare in the next 5 or 10 years? Define your goal. What is averting you from realizing that goal? Trace your way back on track.


  1. Develop a positive attitude. You should always adopt a positive mindset in all your endeavors. Why? A positive thinker is a better problem solver, is more resilient, and has more energy. Expressing your gratitude can be an easy way to develop your positivity. You can also release the negativity that might be present by being grateful for anything you do. Paul’s tip here is, starting every day and winding every night by developing a record of three things that you are thankful for.


  1. Venture in stuff you like. You need to devote a lot of energy and time to run your business. Make sure you are enjoying the work that you are doing. Paul Herdsman’s tip here is to ask yourself, “what am I passionate about?” The answer should be something that makes you excited.


Make sure you are in the right team. Doing everything on your own is impossible so surround yourself with the best team that propels you to success. You become who you spend time with the most. Pay attention to values and character as you are building your team. Look for groups whose members complement your array of weaknesses and skills. (Read This Article for additional information).



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