Sussex Healthcare Opens A New Gym For The Residents

Patients with neurological disorders and dementia have a reason to smile thanks to the new gym that was recently opened by Sussex Healthcare. This company provides services for patients in this category and has been creating various solutions for them for many years. The new facility is meant to give them enough exercise options because it is one of the most important things for anyone with neurological programs. It is a sizeable gym that can accommodate several patents at the same time.

Inside the gym

There is lots of equipment in the Sussex Healthcare gym, and each one of them has been specially designed to offer support for patients with neurological problems. There are treadmills, trainers, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and free weights that come in different sizes. In addition to these facilities, there is a pool area that has hot tubs. These tubs are meant to provide relief to the body after training. When a patient is suffering brain illnesses, they tend to get sore during workouts. However, a session in the hot tub will get rid of this and eliminate stress too.

The benefits of the exercises

Elliptical trainers in the gym help to stimulate the body so that it produces enough hormones to make joints stronger. These trainers will also increase mobility and make the patient stronger. According to Sussex Healthcare, these machines can be adjusted to suit the strength of every individual. Other exercises will cause the brain to produce more neurons. Neurons are essential for anyone with neurological problems because they help to improve memory and make a person think more critically. Other benefits that you are likely to enjoy when you visit the gym include stronger abdominal muscles and improved endurance.

While opening the gym, Sussex Healthcare said that they would arrange for group classes. These classes will help build more endurance in the patients so that they can take more exercises and improve their health. Experts have also said that when the patients exercise in groups, their brains are likely to produce more endorphins and therefore, it will be much easier to manage their conditions than when they do not exercise.

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