Surf Air Commemorates The 5th Anniversary

Surf Air marked its fifth year of operation in July 10, 2018 by partnering with other effective service providers, including All Roads North, The Private Suite LAX, and FoundersCard, to enable members have access to different membership enhancements. The sole purpose of these partnerships involves removing existing as well as potential obstacles associated with the traditional air travel methods. According to the privately owned air travel club, Surf seeks to present travelers with a completely new experience characterized by comfort, improved productivity, safety, and overall satisfaction.


Surf Air’s decision to partner with All Roads North, one of the renowned travel companies, will allow individual members to gain access to excusive offerings including luxury road trips and visits to magnificent hotels, ranches, springs, and lodges. Surf Air has a team of local experts, who work in collaboration to create the much-needed insider experience for Surf Air members.


At the same time, The Private Suite LAX will provide smooth and trouble-free flying. The partnership removes long lines, flight delays and time wastage when booking flights, and lengthy layovers by handling TSA screening on the premise. The collaboration with FoundersCard will enable members to receive several networking opportunities and associated benefits such as VIP travel privileges. Go Here for additional information.



Background Information


Surf Air operates as a privately owned and California-based commuter airline, which plays a fundamental role in offering unlimited flight services to its members for a fixed fee paid on a monthly basis. The company started by using Legacy PC-12 aircrafts, but it has since introduced different types of aircrafts including Pilatus PC-12s. Reed Farnsworth, David Eyerly, Peter Bi, Cory Cozzens, Wade Eyerly, and Scott Porter founded Surf Air. The air travel firm acquired RISE in June 2017 to expand its operations across Texas, Nevada, and California. It also serves Europe.


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