Stream Energy: Showing Compassion For Disaster Victims

Hurricane Harvey was a very devastating storm to go through. There were people who lost their lives, homes, and jobs behind a gruesome act of nature. However, a few bright spots did pop up. With the recovery efforts, there were people who had businesses that decided to step forward and help to make things bright for the Houstonians and other areas of that state that were affected. Stream Energy was one such company. They went up and beyond what was needed in terms of lending a helping hand.


Stream Energy is a power company that is based in Dallas and they provide electricity for over thousands of customers in the state of Texas and other areas of the nation. They have a charitable organization that is called Stream Cares that gives out help and hope to those in need. When the storm subsided that is what Stream Energy offered. They handed out supplies and helped people make arrangements on their bills when the storm made things tight for a lot of their customers. Stream Energy earns a lot of respect from people because of their giving and low rates which is why so many people use them as their electric provider.


Stream Energy does other charitable giving and has been doing so for years. They are also one of the best energy providers in the state and also in the nation. You can look to them to provide you with a good rate for yourself and see how much money you can save in kilowatts. Also, you have to love there friendly customer service agents who are very compassionate and are ready to assist you when needed. You can go online to sign up and take a look at their energy plans whether you are electric or gas, they do offer the best rates available right now.


Stream Energy is a company that most people will not switch from because of how they treat their customers. You have to love them for care and compassion that they show when you need to make payment arrangements. You will also love their heart for people.