Securus Technologies – Leading Correctional Facility Communications Provider

For over thirty years Securus Technologies has been providing innovative telecommunications and technology solutions to over 3,400 correctional facilities in the lower 48 states. Their main goal and focus is to connect what matters, and they most definitely do that with their advanced security technical solutions. They are a leading company aimed to improve public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities by implementing the best technology on the market with the safest features. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Austin, TX.

There are many different features and positive interactions that set Securus aside from other inmate communication businesses. They have recently introduced a revolutionary technology system that is modern and in-tune with the evolving requirements. Their engineered staff has collectively dominated more than 2,200 law enforcement agencies and correctional units by providing the most advanced technology there is to offer. They are by far the largest facility with a multitude of accommodations that are covered through their full spectrum of solutions as a leading provider. They are dedicated to providing additional patents as they have approximately 90 of them pending. They have over 140 that have been patented and put into place.

Securus Technologies is proud to have the option to be able to reinvest their funds back into the company. Reports recently showed that Securus was able to invest more than $19 million back into their company to put towards enhancing their security and services even more. It also helps to ensure that they are keeping up with all of the technology upgrades and their equipment is fully capable to handle all of the interactions. Securus Technologies is continuously adding services to their company and will continue to make sure they stay up with the leading advancements in technology and the solutions that are associated with the business transactions.