Philanthropist work of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the brain behind Custom Companies, Inc., success a firm that offers transportation services. He schooled at Chicago and attained his degree in the year 1975 after which he secured a job with united states marine corps reserves where his duty was to motor pool it was during this time that he learned truck driving. Perry Mandera is a businessman who cares about his family as well as the church that he attends. After an honorable farewell from the United States Marine Corps Reserves he shared his long-term experience with different transportation firms and in the early 1980s he started his own company, but in less than a decade he sold it out.

Perry Mandera doubles up as the president and founder of Custom Companies, Inc., having a long period of experience of over forty-five years in shipping and transporting industries there is much learned from his success. The firm has offered jobs to more than 300 employees and has sold out more than $200 million. The company offers its services 365 days in a year, therefore, proving to be reliable to the clients (Bloomberg).

The charges are affordable and in case of any problem arise Perry has and is still innovating ideas to tackle those problems, additional to offering transporting services he has started distributing and warehousing to mark a company growth. Perry Mandera has achieved several awards and recognition, in 2000 he received the Leonard Schaller businessman of the year as Illinois trucking listed him amongst top 100 American transportation executives also received an award of being industry leader from the pat Summerall award. To date, he is a member of the board of directors of the Illinois transport association (ITA).

Perry Mandera is an extraordinary entrepreneur he has given a lot to charitable organizations. He is focused mainly on youth. He has sponsored more than 100 projects involved in sports for young students, especially those children with special needs who need exceptional care to mushroom their academic horizons. He has also given contributed a lot towards cancer eradicating movements. Some of the charitable organizations that he has contributed towards include Jesse White Tumblers, Walter &Connie Payton Foundation to mention but a few.

In the year 2013, Perry Mandera donated towards tornado victims residing in Washington.

He is appreciative of the fact that him and his company Custom Companies, Inc., for the contribution .they offered truck filled with food and other resources for victims of hurricane Katrina and also offered supplies to victims of California wildfires. Perry Mandera uses Custom Companies, Inc., to transport large numbers of needy families during Christmas and thanksgiving ceremonies. Mandera is a man of the people many children receive donations during holiday season courtesy of him.

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