Peter Briger: The Financial Analyst Behind The Success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is definitely one of the largest organizations based in Wall Street that deals with wealth management. The company has been in operation for almost three decades and has already captured the imagination of experienced and upcoming investors. One of the critical aspects that helps the company to remain competitive and relevant is its shrewd forecasting techniques aided by one of its most experienced worker, Peter Briger. He has formulated some of the best forecasting models that the firm uses to outdo other competitors.

Peter Briger was the face behind the success of the organization during the capital market crash of 2008 where a significant number of organizations collapsed, some of which have never recovered from the financial distress they experienced. However, Fortress Investment Group sailed through without difficulties. Surprisingly, the company was still able to acquire assets during this period where liquidity was a big concern for any company.

The company, through the advice of Peter Briger, had formulated strategic plans that had enabled it to have much liquid cash than in other assets that are used to store wealth. Instead of saving its wealth in the real estate industry, that was experiencing a boom; Fortress Investment Group was holding cash in anticipation that organizations will soon experience liquidity challenges and start selling some of their most precious assets. This came to pass when the money market crashed with the real estate being at the center of the whole fiasco.

It would appear like Peter Briger had an insight that the market was likely to experience extreme challenges hence his money holding strategies. Fortress Group would later use the cash in hand to purchase most of the assets that were being disposed of by other organizations which wanted to get liquid cash to sustain their operations. Some of the assets bought would later prove to be the most significant sources of revenue for the company after being sold at exponential prices.

Since Fortress Investment Group was established back in the year 1998, it has been raising funds using different ways that have enabled it to remain consistent in the generation of impressive yields for its investors.

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