Paul Mampilly Shares His Knowledge About Choosing a Good Tech Stock

Former Wall Street portfolio manager and hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly knows a lot about investing. After spending several years working for Bankers Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and Kinetics Asset Management, Paul decided to leave Wall Street to help average investors with modest accounts to become successful investors. He is now a senior editor with Banyan Hill Publishing who puts out a newsletter called Profits Unlimited, which has over 90,000 subscribers. This newsletter provides readers with investment advice and reveals new investing opportunities based on Paul’s research and financial analysis.

Paul Mampilly recently revealed one tech stock that is declining and another tech stock that investors should purchase. In an article on titled “As Apple Declines, Paul Mampilly Reveals the Next Big Investment Opportunity,” Paul gives several reasons why investors should purchase Amazon stock over Apple stock. Paul Mampilly believes 10 years from now, Apple will not be the company it is today. From 2001-20011, Apple created the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, which changed the way people use computers and communicated with each other. Since Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, Apple has focused more on being financially secure rather than creating innovative products that change the way we live.

Since 2011, Amazon has filled the void by creating user-friendly products that change the way we live. Amazon’s Alexa products like Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot are a game-changer in the tech world. These devices allow people to control the lights and thermostat in the home, play music, provide daily reminders, and read the news all through voice commands. Amazon is also changing the way we shop, use transportation, and receive health care services. These are areas that Apple had a chance to be an industry disruptor, but Apple has played it safe after the passing of Steve Jobs.

Paul Mampilly enjoys his role in providing investment advice like this to average investors. Paul does the research and analysis so investors can be successful.

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