Paul Mampilly on the Side of the Working Class Investor

Followed his Dream to America

When Paul Mampilly first came to the United States from India his first goal was to attend higher education institutes to get a world class education, but something else happened during his many days attending university lectures. When he first arrived at the young age of 18, from India, his sites were set on a world class education from a top university. He quickly acclimated to the American lifestyle and started to find ways he could fulfill his dreams. Paul Mampilly decided to remain here in the United States and make it his permanent home.

Corporate America

He began realizing his dreams as an American citizen as he began his wall street journey, which began with his first experiences at leading financial institutes along Wall Street. Between the years 2009 and 2015 Paul Mampilly spent immersed in the atmosphere and life of Wall Street working his way up the ranks as Portfolio Manager, entry or Senior level, analyst, author, and as director of some of the largest financial institutes Wall Street has developed over its more than 200 year history.

Financial Portfolio Manager

Deutsche Bank, Kinetic Asset, Management, Agora Financial, and Stansberry Research, are just a few of the many financial institutes he served. He has developed own methods of investing. In 2009 he entered the Templeton Fund Competition. The year was 2009 and Paul Mampilly, thru research and analytic skills, observed and identified a market inflection point, and was convinced he could capitalize on his findings. By using the methods he had this far developed he used the skills learned and turned a $50M investment into $88M return, showing a 76% gain.

Capuchin Consulting and Beyond

Paul Mampilly, in 2013, founded Capuchin Consulting; he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 as Senior Editor. He now advocates for the working class investor and shares his advice thru Profits Unlimited, a 60K subscriber newsletter to working class investors: his insights have brought gains of 20%, 45%, and 116% to his Profits Unlimited subscribers. He recently was guess speaker at the 2018 Total Wealth Symposium.

About Paul Mampilly: