Orange Coast College’s Amazing Rowing Team

Right now, the Orange Coast College (OCC) rowing team is gearing up to make a splash with their formidable skills. Having previously won 11 national titles, the OCC team is determined to take home its 12th. OCC’s past performance is all the more impressive when you consider that the rowing team faces competitors from some of the best four-year universities in the nation. This means that OCC has routinely trumped rowers that have four years of college rowing experience. Naturally, OCC rowers max out at two years of college rowing.


As a sport, rowing is fairly unique because is is one of the last totally amateur sports. To compete, nine humans must totally synchronize their strokes in a unique display of graceful motion. In their 60-foot-long carbon fiber boats, OCC rowers can achieve a brisk clip of 25 miles per hour. Though rowing requires a good deal of strength, it also takes sensitivity and skill for the group to coordinate their efforts. OCC’s rowing team is little known to the public outside of a select following. In the world of competitive rowing, however, OCC is nothing less than legendary.


Located in Orange County, California, OCC is a prestigious, long-lived educational institution. Since its first class in 1948, OCC has awarded degrees and certificates that are highly relevant to students and employers. Besides offering two-year associate’s degrees in art and science, OCC provides students with a large number of professional certifications. In addition, many OCC classes award credits that are transferable to other community colleges and universities.


One of the biggest colleges currently operating in Orange County, OCC enrolls approximately 24,000 students in any given semester. Well-favored in its local community, OCC has proven itself a community-minded entity by partnering with a large number of charitable projects. A stable organization, OCC seems destined to remain a staple of Orange County academic life for many years to come.


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