Nexbank Successful completion of $54 million dollar debt

NexBank recently announced the completion of $54 million in private notes to high net investors as well as certain institutional investors. NexBank Capital Inc. plans to utilize the proceeds of this offering for general purposes relating to the corporation. Including this closing, NexBank has raised more than $280 million of debt and equity since the year 2016.

These notes are non-callable for five (5) years with a maturity dated of September 30, 2017. For five (5) years, the fixed interest rate is 6.375%. After the five (5) year period, the interest rate will be based at a floating rate based on a spread above the current three month LIBOR of 458.5 basis points.

These notes are not registered under the “Securities Act” and they cannot be offered or sold in the United States of America absent of an applicable exemption for the registration requirements.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial service company headquartered in Dallas and they are the 11th largest bank in the entire state of Texas. In addition, they are the 161st largest bank in the entire nation. Established in 1934, they have grown to almost 90 employees and three (3) locations. The money market rates offered by NexBank are 3X that of the national average.

The mission statement of NexBank Capital, Inc. includes, but not limited to, delivering uncommon value and commitment at every possible opportunity. Their experienced and professional team takes pride in providing their clients with unrivaled access to custom-tailored financial solutions.

Some financial services offered include, but not limited to, commercial banking, mortgage banking, institutional services, as well as depository services.

In addition to financial services, NexBank is also involved with the community by offering consumer and house loans to more than two thousand Veterans living in Texas. Low to moderate incoming housing loans are also offered to close to 700 families currently living in North Texas.