Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are outfitted with the latest neurofeedback technology

The idea that the brain is incapable of change has been promoted by mainstream science for quite a long time. Neurocore is changing that narrative one individual at a time at its brain performance centers. The Neurocore team’s view on the brain brings a therapeutic theory into the new millennium with updated studies, and parallel treatment planning.

Taking neuroplasticity- the brain flexibile nature– into account is sort of revolutionary in mental health. Steeped in technological and neuroscientific expertise, Neurocore analyzes data produced by the brain to tailor relief solutions. The BCIA certified service provider uses EEG monitoring, Integrated Visual and Audio tests, Heart Rate Variability checks in order to build complete brain profiles.

Sensors help identify symptom sources for enhanced program development. About Neurocore system begins with clinical intake and concludes with post-assessment customized curriculums that target kinks in optimized brain function. Brain performance centers train in-center, and through module with virtual coaches.

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