Madison Street Capital, a Leader in Financial Banking Services

Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking firm. The firm is reputable for its commitment to high levels of corporate and professional integrity, visionary leadership, and excellent service delivery. In particular, the company’s worldwide clients, who comprise of publicly and privately owned businesses, have expressed confidence in Madison’s excellence in arranging for mergers and acquisitions, delivery of accurate financial advisory services, and offering of numerous financing options.


Through its unmatched financial services, Madison Street Capital reputation has enabled its clients to maneuver the highly competitive global market easily. The company has developed and maintained a culture of placing the needs of its clients at the forefront in every business undertaking. Additionally, the company encompasses the emerging markets as a core component of its client’s financial growth. The company has always focused on the most financially promising assets around the globe.


Due to its unparalleled expertise in investment banking, MonDak Portables LLC entrusted Madison Street Capital as the sole investment firm to arrange for its debt facility, which was worth $3.2 million. North Avenue Capital acted as the provider of the facility, and the arrangement was led by Lester “Jay” Rodgers, a Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital.


Speaking during the announcement of the deal, Jay Rodgers expressed his happiness with the support he had received from MonDak’sBarb, Kathy, and Rick in arranging for the agreement.


“ They have all done a commendable job in ensuring that the MonDak has secured the much-needed capital to enable it to achieve its long-term business objectives,” said Jay Rodgers.


He also hailed the team for its exceptional leadership ability, which he referred as a pointer to the prosperity of MonDak Portables shortly.


North Avenue Capital, which provided the funding during the deal, is a specialist commercial lender. The company is based in St. Johns County. Over the years, North Avenue Capital has built a name as the choice partner in business development, economic growth, and creation of jobs, especially in rural communities.


Besides the provision of world class financial services, Madison Street Capital also engages in philanthropic activities as a way of giving back to society. For many years, the company has worked closely with charitable organizations such as United Way. Together, they have helped to improve the lives of thousands of needy people across the world. United Way administers the South Disaster Fund and United Ways of the Midwest in New Orleans.


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