Louis Chenevert: Discarding the Negativity in a Business

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman with extensive experience in running businesses successfully. He has led top-notch business roles in leading companies in the aerospace industry such as Pratt &Whitney and United Technologies Corporation. In his leadership roles, he was keen on dealing with the internal politics in a company. He attests that such politics interrupt the extraordinary results and negatively impact future leaders who lose focus on the execution of a project. Negative people who channel away a team’s energy are the primary cause for failure, and tolerating such people in a company is tragic for the company’s future. Louis Chenevert was focused on dealing with such problems upfront which leads to the generation of positive energy. With consideration that everyone experiences both good and bad days of life, it is wise to determine the cause of negativity at the particular time, all the while comparing to other behaviors displayed by the negative person.


According to Louis Chenevert, it is difficult to tell the nature of a person when conducting an interview, and the true nature only comes to light after hiring the individual. Negative people tend to see the negative even in the most successful situation; not because of who the owner is, but because of the type of person they are. Considerably, negativity spreads faster than positivity and can bring down an entire company if not controlled up front. Negativity is contagious, and an unrestrained negative person can influence even the most positive people, within a considerable amount of time. Louis Chenevert affirms some ways of dealing with a negative personality. A person may be struggling with their current role and relocation to another department may make them flourish and adopt a positive attitude towards themselves and the work.

Louis Chenevert confirms that as difficult as it may be to see an employee go, sometimes it is the only option to curb negativity. Firing an employee could be the way to alleviate negativity though elements of regret may accompany it. However, mediation may play a significant role in changing the negative attitude, with the willingness to change. Companies can install a rewards system to enable employees to improve themselves. Unfortunately, it is not a sure way of changing negativity.