Lincolnshire Management Sells Holley Performance Products


Lincolnshire Management was established in the year 1986. The private equity organization has accomplished a lot in marketing. Its most significant role in acquiring and investing in middle market institutions. The company headquarters are found in New York. At the moment, the successful company reports show that it is managing more than one and a half billion dollars. The firm boasts for having a reliable team of experts who have been making wise decisions on crucial matters. These leaders have served in many organizations in the past, acquiring the expertise needed.

The past year was one of the best at the private equity firm. In October, the institution announced that it had successfully managed to sell Holley Performance Products, popularly known as Holley. A report from the institution states that an institution named Sentinel Capital Partners acquired Holley. The two institutions have, however, chose to keep the terms of the successful transaction private. Leaders from both companies worked together for a long time so that they could agree on the best terms that would suit each of them.

Holley has been in the market for more than a hundred years. Lincolnshire Management takes the leading position as the largest manufacturer, designer, and marketer for branded items. After serving consumers for ten decades, the institution has won the hearts of many people. The brand has always stood out for its performance over the years. People who love luxury vehicles praise the company always, saying that they get value for their money whenever they purchase the products.

One of the principals in Lincolnshire Management, Ben Bartlett, says that his team chose to one with Holley because it has shown that it is one of the iconic brands in the car industry. Ben believes that Holley has reached its current milestones because it has professionals who know how to navigate the changes in modern technology. The team representing Lincolnshire Management also demonstrated extensive knowledge in the tight market, giving its customer nothing but the best. Without the dedication, the transaction would not have been successful.

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