Kimberly Bakker Establishes A Company To Offer Services In Event Planning


Event planning is vastly becoming a promising career path in various labor markets not only because of the number of clients who are always looking out for creative event planners but also because of the evolving technology that’s fueling the demand. Event planning is an overreaching term that entails various professions. It’s a broad range of industry that needs an individual to be energetic and creative.

As illustrated by one Kimberly Bakker, event planning requires an extensive amount of experience to handle unforeseen circumstances. Bakker has a degree in business from the University of Southern California. As a student, she also volunteered in teaching and served as the Advocate for Women at the Panhellenic Board.

After graduating from the institution in 1992, she was named the year’s Outstanding Seniors when she served as the director of sales for L’ermitage Hotels. After serving for years, Kimberly Bakker was tasked to serve as the Protocol Officer in the office of the mayor. In her tenure, she assisted to produce the celebration of World Environment Day by managing all affairs presented on the Mayor’s behalf.

Bakker established her consulting firm, Kimberly Bakker Events where she serves as the board of director and head cheerleader. Kimberly Bakker is also a significant contributor at the Blue Star Music Camp where she serves as the managing board of director.

When asked how the idea to establish a company in the catering business came about, Bakker recalls that her mother had always reminded her of the beginning of the journey when she was a child. She threw elaborate parties for guests including her animals and family. From the same age, she paid attention to the intricate details that impacted the events. Hailing from a family that values tradition, and various celebrations of life-related events, Bakker developed a passion for creating sacred rituals.

Until now, Bakker has been offering excellent services to clients. The initial small touches contributed to the success of her career. As she looks back, Bakker remembers that her mother also played an instrumental role in developing her career. She believes that event planning requires discipline and dedication for clients to be pleased. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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