Jeff Herman Provides Keeps To Parents About Sexual Abuse Signs


If you are someone who listens to the news frequently, then you have probably heard about sexual cases nearly every day. While most people in the world can be trusted, there are a select group of individuals who seek to harm society. Jeff Herman is a lawyer who specializes in bringing these sexual criminals to justice. Jeff Herman founded and is currently the Managing Partner of Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


In a recent article with the website Chronicle Week, Jeff Herman lists a series of Tips For Parents to follow to protect their children.


According to Jeff Herman, a child is only as vulnerable as a parent makes them. Start the discussion by keeping it age appropriate. Children should know which body parts a stranger should never touch. They should know when to say “no” to an adult. By giving them examples and the proper responses, the potential sexual perpetrator will be caught off guard. While having this talk is important, making sure to continually remind your child is vital to keeping the knowledge fresh in their mind.


Talking can only do so much, and often times a parent has to look for signs of abuse. The first thing they can do is regularly check their child’s social media accounts. Keep an eye on adults who may be spending too much time with your child, or seem to favor the child over others. Sudden behavior changes, regression, and drastic actions may be a sign that an incident has occurred. An adult may try to cover up their acts, but children will always show some kind of sign.


Jeff Herman is an individual who wants justice brought to the victim, and for the bad individuals to be locked away. Jeff Herman’s strong passion was born from incident a few decades ago. He learned of a child being abused by his teacher, and an investigation uncovered flaws in the hiring system. This individual had managed to slip under a background check. Jeff Herman knows there are more like that individual out there, and seeks to expose as many as he can. Watch this Video on YouTube to learn more about Herman.



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