Infused Organo Gold Coffee Products Offering A Full Line Of Products And Supplements With The Ganoderma Herb

The coffee industry is a massive market, these days a coffee house is probably the easiest retail business you can find. The coffee giants offering barista service are on corner after corner. Starbucks is the most common name in these retail chains but there are equally massive amounts of privately owned and operated brew houses that offer your morning Joe for that specialized cup. In addition, places along the Northwestern coast of the US have become the unofficial aficionado’s of the coveted beans. The demand for coffee products have also prompted a new local market in the private roasting market. There is even a market for infused coffees, such as the specialized brew offered by Organo Gold Company. This company has offered healthier coffees for the last decade, infusing their brew with a unique herb. Watch this video on Youtube.

The founder of Organo Gold Company met an untapped market by offering their infused coffee exclusively wholesale to distributors and offering 50% commissions. By 2017, the company was so successful they were available in 45 countries worldwide and grew the business. What makes Organo Gold stand apart from traditional coffee, is the inclusion of an herb called Ganoderma. This infusion provides a healthier coffee product that has been shown to have antiviral properties along with other health benefits that have been used for many years in Asian countries for it’s medicinal benefits. Visit to know more.

The Organo Gold Company has expanded it’s product line to include a plethora of healthy options that are all infused with the Ganoderma mushroom, such as single-brew options, lattes, nutritional shakes, teas, even personal care products like grape seed oil and supplements. This is just naming a few! The Organo Gold Company now encourages distributors to be a part of the trend and partner with them to provide this healthier alternative to the masses.