Hungarian Sweet Wine Producer Grand Tokaj Chooses China For E Commerce

Wine customers of JD are now able to sample and purchase a wide range of sweet wines made in Hungary. By forming a partnership with Jindgong, Hungarian wine makers have now been able to get more involved in e commerce with one of the top retail companies in the world. JD will now begin distributing the Hungarian wine called Grand Tokaj. The partnership between Jingdong and Grand Tokaj will mark the first time that a winery from Hungary has gotten involved in Chinese e commerce. JD will help market the brand of wine as well as customize it for Chinese customers. Jingdong will provide data analysis in order to help Grand Tokaj effectively market its wine products into the Chinese market. With its logistics and shipping operations, JD will provide the most efficient distribution of the wine to customers in China as well.

Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in Hungary and is also backed by the government of the nation as well. The wine originates from the country’s historic Tokaj-Hegyalia Wine region. One of the most distinguished characteristics of the wine is its sweetness. This wine product has been produced from partially raisined grapes which is from a production process that has been used since the year 1630.

Recently, Grand Tokaj’s wine products have been very well received by customers of JD. Within ten hours, over 1,000 bottles have been purchased by Chinese consumers. The winery’s top product Tokaj Aszu has established itself as the leading wine product in the nation as a result. The online store for Grand Tokaj wine has attracted over 400,000 followers on the first day it was launched. With this amount of followers, the wine product has been accumulate fans at a faster rate than any other wine brand. It currently ranks as the second most consumed wine product next to the wine product made by Moutai.

According to recent analysis made by Jingdong, over three quarters of Chinese customers prefer wine from foreign countries. This is a consumer trend most common among younger women who live in first and second tier cities. In a recent statement, JD said that it is honored to be the main online distributor of Grand Tokaj’s wine. It is thrilled to offer some of the most sophisticated sweet wine in the world to the Chinese market. The president of JD Carol Fung has also said that the Chinese market has experienced a trend of increased demand for foreign wine products. As the leading wine retailer in China, Jingdong is excited to provide customers high quality wine products to its many customers.

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