Gulf Coast Western LLC Achievements under the Leadership of Mr. Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western LLC is a family-owned Oil and Gas partnership business founded in Dallas in 1970, whose aim is to explore, develop and acquire domestic oil and gas locations, having spread to several regions including Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana and Colorado.

Mr . Matthew Fleeger, the president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC, has maintained a legacy as a successful entrepreneur with vast expertise in the oil and gas sector, having listed in the Business Professional’s Who’s Who International listings. Having studied his degree in Business Administration at Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, he holds a reputation of his competence in strategic planning, contract negotiation and team building with employees.

According to Mr. Fleeger, he attributes the success of the company to have been brought about by the mutual relationships with the potential and able partners inspired by mutual trust and respect influenced by honesty and integrity.

The Gulf Coast Western LLC enjoys partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Warhorse oil and gas. This has greatly contributed to the growth of assets which has been obtained from the agreed exchange of possessions of the vast oil mining fields and hundreds of square miles and 3D seismic data across Southwestern Louisiana which contributes to the production of approximately over thirty million barrels of oil reserves.

Also, among the company’s great achievements is the acquisition of the Dallas-based Northcote Energy Limited in the Southeast region of Louisiana which amounts to 50 percent on interests and assets among other ventures in the oil and gas sector. All these has built the reputation of the company best known for its guiding principles on ethics which have enabled them maintain an excellent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

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