Greg Blatt, an Example of True Leadership at Its Best

Most business leaders out there will tell you that they acquired some of their best skills by emulating their mentors and learning from them. They learned some of the best skills that their mentors have and perfected them. If you don’t have such a person to look up to then you should consider learning a thing or two from one of the most successful business leaders there is today. While there may be many business leaders out there for you to emulate, no one fits the bill more than Greg Bratt.


Mr. Greg Blatt has held different leadership roles at various companies such as Tinder, Match Group and IAC. In a world where most people today are so dependent on the internet and mobile devices for doing almost everything, he has proved that love, dating, and relationship don’t have to be left behind. Greg Blatt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University. His major was English Language, Literature and Economics. He also has a doctorate in law from Columbia Law School.


Over the years, Mr. Greg Blatt has been able to accumulate a lot of experience and skills in the online dating world. These skills have helped him serve as CEO at Tinder, IAC and Match Group. He was also the chairman at some point in Match Group and Tinder (


Mr. Blatt has served successfully every time and delivered astounding growth for all companies. Mr. Greg Blatt’s Law studies are part of what makes his skills in the business world tick. If you want to be able to understand business deals and maneuver the business world without a hitch, then a foundation in law is bound to serve you very well. This need is the main reason why for most business degrees there usually is a foundation class for Law.


This class is very significant as is evident from Mr. Blatt’s studies. The biggest takeaway from his success, however, is that you should try sticking to one field and avoid being a jack of all trades. This way you get to develop your skills in that field which in turn opens up unique opportunities for you.

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