Gareth Henry: Mathematics for Successful Investment Analysis

Gareth Henry heads the Investor Relations in an alternative investment management company in the United States where he oversees the daily investment activities. Beforehand, Gareth Henry was the Managing Director at Fortress. He was responsible for raising capital for the company and engages investors in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He is a 2001 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics from the Edinburg based Heriot-Watt University. Prior to joining Fortress, Gareth Henry worked at Angelo, Gordon & Co as a Partner, Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations. He has used his masterly for mathematics to analyze investments in the credit sector in the private setting.

According to Gareth Henry, the private credit sector movements and growth among the established investors is determined by several factors. One of the determining factors is the 2008 financial crisis that saw the changes in the bank’s regulations. This has made the banks more hesitant in lending money to the private sectors. Another factor is the setbacks in public companies. The increasing accounting outrages have increased the need by the banks to give more disclosures. This increases the cost for these companies. It then derails the operations of the public companies causing investors to react negatively due to failure to meet expectations by these firms.

Apart from leading the private sector credit section, Gareth runs a scholarship program for the Heriot-Watt University. He believes that the Actuarial maths course offered by the university is very critical for the students willing to work in the finance field. Gareth Henry provides bursary, coaching, and mentorship program regularly to some of the students to impact their long-term career plans. The university also provides qualitative learning techniques in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Gareth has gained the expertise and experience in the investor relations field that has made him a key person. He has also become a successful person in raising funds among other players in the field. He is an open-minded and innovative person making him an irreplaceable asset in any organization. Through his scholarship, Heriot-Watt continues to produce resourceful and reliable graduates.

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