Fortress Investment Group: Two Decades Of Trans-formative Investment

Alternative assets management is definitely the future of investment. However, it is a competitive niche of investment. For Fortress Investment Group, however, it has been a successful 20 years ride. From the initial company stages to the current state of the company, the company has shown consistency. The founders, Rob Kauffman (who is now a car-racing investor), Wes Edens (principal), and Randal Nardone (principal) had a huge dream. The three investors wanted to venture into risk-adjusted returns and these efforts have paid off. The company over the years has been the pacesetter in alternative investment especially in their initial venture, which was real estate firm.

Currently, the company not only invests in real estate but also in other specific alternatives such as managed future and hedge funds. The latest investment deal with iPass was a game changer. Fortress Investment Group’s 20 million dollars deal with the connectivity company was a smart move. The much-secured investment gives the company (iPass) more chances to be exceptionally productive and worth the deal. This investment deal paints the good picture of what Fortress Investment as a company has been pursuing in the last years of operation.

It is, however, worth to note that the Fortress Investment Group greatest investment is on Edens Bright line transport system. The railway system is exceptionally the future of transport and the remedy for the traffic jam. It is worth noting that the project is the first private owned in the USA. The train route, which is from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, has been the solution for many people. For example, the new mode of transport between the two cities cuts the time wasted by almost 30 minutes. Second, the passenger’s comfort is a priority.

With many investors (over 1500), Fortress Investment Group has become a global icon. The company now greatly specializes in asset maUSnagement, liquid markets and more importantly, private equity firm. As a company, the twenty years in operations have been exceptionally good and it is important to note that the company has both private and institutional investors. This wide range of investors clearly indicates the level of trust investors have in this company.

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