EOS Lip Balm Takes on Cannabis

At one time or another, we have all come across an EOS lip balm. The brand packaging is one of a kind—spherical! Whether or not you have purchased one, it is easy to assume that you know somebody that has or have contemplated grabbing one at the checkout counter yourself.

Big news has broken within the EOS brand in the form of a new product. The brand is releasing a new Moisture Hit Lip Balm which is infused with hemp seed oil. Now, you may be thinking that these products are already everywhere. It is worth the mention that Chief Marketing Officer Soyoung Kang made the statement that EOS has been working with hemp seed oil for quite some time now because they wanted to truly encompass what the ingredient can do in terms of lip treatment. So, this is not a fly by ploy to try to reach more consumers.

This is enforced by the fact that the Moisture Hit Lip Balm will only be available for a limited time. The product was formed using a micro-batch strategy, which means that there was a set number of products made. Once they are gone, they are truly gone. Product availability begins April 18th and will not be available in stores. Eager consumers will have to visit EvolutionOfSmooth.com for purchase.