Dr Jennifer Walden Has High Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden goes above and beyond to provide the best experience possible for her patients. She is a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and specializes in aesthetic breast and facial surgery. She also specializes in an array of other surgeries and boy transformation surgeries such as Botox, breast reconstruction, laser skin resurfacing, lip enhancement, and wrinkle reduction by injection.

Dr. Walden graduated with the highest honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she obtained her BA in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin. She has also had extensive residency and fellowship training.

She is also an author and has given many national and international presentations on her methods as well as surgery concepts. She wrote, “How I Have Built My Practice-the First Three Years,” as well as other books and she has been featured in many magazines. She has also been awarded and honored with many coveted recognitions such as the Best Scientific Exhibit Award and the Herman Barness Memorial Award.

Her patients have found her to be friendly and she takes the time to hold consultations with her clients. She is willing to answer questions and to go over the procedure to put her clients at ease. She has become somewhat of a celebrity surgeon, and her work is renowned all over the world. She has made a name for herself and her work is very precise.

Dr. Walden is affiliated with a number of hospitals including the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she is the program director. She is also a member of many prestigious societies such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the New York State and County Medical Society. She used many different devices such as SculpSure, ThermiSmooth, and Venus Freeze in order to conduct her surgeries.