Doe Deere: A Homeless Girl with Big Dreams Turns Owner of Large Makeup and Fashion Brands

Doe Deere hails from Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk, Russia. Recently, she published a moving story about her life in the New York City. This article will focus on the remarkable story. Born in Vorotova, she idealized the idea of living in the United States. The magazines she read and movies she watched painted a picture of the United States as a place of opportunities and possibilities. She liked the English language and the American culture.

In search of greener pastures, Doe Deere, younger sister and her mother moved to New York City. There they were, hopeful and ready to take on the world. However, it came with a surprise to her that New York City is another place with its set of challenges. She did not like the traffic congestion and large population in the city.

After some time, they realized that their mother’s savings would not sustain them for long. Her mother was an accountant back in Russia but she couldn’t get a job in New York City as an accountant because she had not gotten her education papers yet. The education record transfer had taken too long. Her mother started cleaning apartments for a living. Doe Deere started walking dogs and taking care of cats in an effort to supplement her family’s income. The reality was hard on them. Things took a turn for the worst when they had to seek refuge in a homeless shelter. They found it hard to come into terms with the reality of sharing a single room with no kitchen with her sister and mother.

Doe Deere sought refuge in her dreams of being a fashion designer. She could dream about it during the hard times. They pressed on, saving a little they could get. After some time grappling with poverty, a non-profit organization for disadvantage women immigrants called Sanctuary for Families came to their rescue. Sanctuary for Families found an accounting job for Doe Deere’s mother and took Doe Deere to Fashion Institute of Technology. Her sister later joined Columbia University where she graduated from with honors.

They moved to a better home in East Harlem. The home wasn’t the favorite but still, they were grateful an apartment with a kitchen. According to Doe Deere, she learnt to be more resilient. In 2008, her makeup company, Lime Crime, came to be and it thrived quickly to have 35 employees.

Doe Deere is grateful for the help they got from the organization and America at large. As a CEO, she works tirelessly every day towards what is referred to as the ‘American Dream’.