Dick DeVos family support for charities

Dick DeVos is a businessman in the United States who have also been in politics. He has been engaged in philanthropic work for a long time. Dick DeVos is the husband to the secretary of education in the administration of Donald Trump. He was appointed to the position of secretary due to his abilities to change the country through educational reforms. She has been a great activist for educational reforms in the country. The family has contributed positively to numerous initiates apart from the education reforms. Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have been engaged in activities that promote education reforms for a long time by making financial contributions to initiatives that are meant to support the reforms.



Dick DeVos and his family have a family foundation known as Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. Through this foundation, the family has contributed over $139 million to various initiatives. Even though the family has been in political activities for a long time, they recognize the influence they wield to be from the charitable work that they have been engaged in. They have a number of charities and nonprofits that they have been supporting. Dick DeVos derived the spirit of giving from his family. His family has for a long time been in activities of philanthropic works.



Dick DeVos who was born in 1955 started his business career in 1974 when he started working in an organization that was established by his father he worked for Amway Corporation for 5 years before he left to start his own companies. He has been actively been in business since then. The family also owns a basketball team known as Orlando Magic. This team was purchased by his father but he left it under his management after he retired from active business management. Richard DeVos was among ate wealthiest people in the world. He was ranked among the top hundred by the Forbes.



The DeVos family will go down memory lanes as a family that was dedicated to helping the weak in the society. In their bid to support educational reforms in the country, Betsy and Dick have been advocating for a better schools program to be implemented. They consider the current education system in the country to be unfair to students from poor backgrounds. They have therefore been trying to have more students from low earning families given opportunities to study in good schools in the country. The family has been spending a lot of money to give scholarships to such students.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.