Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Introduces New Natural Products Line With Remarkable Environmental Credentials


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, Global Brand President for MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oreal Professional Products Division has been working with his team to improve the products. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada wants to bring naturalness, wholesomeness and authentic range into the products. They had had some difficulties, and he talks about them two months after the US launch.

Dan says that today customers do not just want products that look natural, but they want products that are wholly natural and manageable. There has been hunger and a dire need for these products that have an accurate definition of quality. Matrix created R.A.W as a response to this need. Being backed back by the L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All programme with commitment, they made a promise to provide a variety of products that could survive any environmental challenges from formulas to the methods of manufacturing and packaging.


The way to bring a wholesome, natural and authentic product line

Their supply sources of all their ingredients are credible and traceable. They consider all the formula’s lifecycle to be cost-effective. Their components mostly are from the plants and minerals. Seventy percent of the product is natural while 98 percent of the most products are biodegradable. Refer to This Article for additional information.


The first objective is to maintain with naturalness

Although the challenges faced the top priority was never to tamper with the naturalness. While working on this ambitious goal, the challenges faced include costs and time, which was not in enough supply. They conducted various test working with Research and Innovation and Operations which was necessary but not planned for. It increased the cost affecting the final price. Time to meet deadlines was not enough. They had to push the launching date.


Advertising Intelligently

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Consumers do not being told what is natural and what is not. They want to make their decisions on what they want. They came up with an educational program where they taught over 700 US salons on how to use less water and live sustainably. They put up a live digital schedule on living sustainably.


Positive online feedback

There was a 90% positive online feedback after a few months of launching the products. What was for satisfying for Bethelmy, was the appreciation of the quality of products from consumers. They are now ready for a new challenge. They want to release the product to the European market. They feel that they have cracked the US market successfully.


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