Dan Bethelmy-Rada On Maintaining Authenticity And Creating Wholesome Products


Dan Bethelmy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Sorbonne University in Paris. In addition, he holds an MBA in Strategy and Management of International Business from the ESSEC Business School. The entrepreneurial genius began his work experience at L’Oreal where he served as a LaScad product manager.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s passion in leadership steered Garnier International to recognition. The latter was recognized as Europe’s top antibacterial brand in 2007. Four years later, Dan Bethelmy-Rada doubled the earnings from Elseve hair care while at L’Oreal Paris. As a result of the achievement, he rose to the position of Deputy General Manager back at Garnier International. There, he succeeded in marketing the brand across the world in matters of skin care as well as hair care and color.

In 2015, Dan relocated from France to New York City in the US. There, he took up the Global Brand President for Matrix/Biolage at L’Oreal Professional Products. At L’Oreal, Dan Bethelmy-Rada focuses on strategizing the brand globally, creating new products and services, marketing and developing digital strategies.

An inspiration to create natural hair care and skin care products has been lacking on global scales. Dan Bethelmy-Rada set out to develop healthy products. The product range constituted would be sustainable and eco-friendly. L’Oreal’s theme, “Sharing Beauty with All” backed the project.

Matrix created R.A.W, a series of entirely natural products. The unique product range exuded exception environmental compatibility as well as quality. The components of the projects are majorly biodegradable. The products, for instance conditioners and shampoos are packed in recycled containers hence facilitating decomposability.

Dan Bethelmy on never compromising naturalness

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal emphasizes the need to maintain utmost naturalness. Attaining such standards required great precision, which incurs expenses. Screening and maintaining environmental compliance is hectic and expensive. The equipment required to keep monitoring the production and formulation stages are costly and their operation requires technical know-how. Dan admitted that time constraints also came in during range development. Obtaining quality clay took the company quite some time. This delay necessitated rescheduling of the product launch.

Spreading the R.A.W. philosophy to hair care stakeholders also proved a challenge. The sustainability conferred by the products worn the hearts for salons across the US. Rolling out the #LiveRaw campaign boosted the push a great deal. Find Additional Information Here.


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