Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel stated working with Vanderbilt in 2013 as a coaching staff. Previously, Yanni was working with Harvard where he had spent four seasons. While working with the Crimson, Yanni was the recruiting coordinator. He was accountable for the perimeter development of players as well as involved directly in opponent scouting. Under his leadership, Crimson won four 20-win seasons including the Ivy League title in all of the last three years they took part in NCAA tournament. Before joining Harvard, Hufnagel was working with Oklahoma University where he served as the men’s basketball team graduate assistant.

Hufnagel’s success is still evident even at Vanderbilt. According to ESPN and Rivals, he has helped the Commodores to win a top 30 recruiting class. Moreover, he was invited recently to take part in the esteemed Villa 7, a conference that is sponsored by Nike that brings together athletic directors from various universities as well as elite assistant coaches from across the country in an attempt to make them ready for the next generation basketball leaders of colleges.

According to Stallings, one of the coaches of Vanderbilt, they were happy to have Hufnagel as part of their team. Stallings argued that Hufnagel is one of the excellent young coaches who possess a tireless work ethic as well as an outstanding evaluator and recruiter of talent. Hufnagel also was excited to be part of the Commodore basket family. He was happy to start working with coach Stallings who is recognized as one of the best basketball college coaches as well as one who is driven by family values. The brand of Vanderbilt is a strong one, and Yanni is very humbled to be one of the coaches of such an elite organization. Hufnagel claims that he is looking forward to getting to the pitch with the players as soon as possible and hitting the recruitment path.