Betsy DeVos Won’t Back Down When It Comes To The Educational Rights Of American Families

Some people know Betsy DeVos as the hard working woman who has improved the city of Grand Rapids, and others know her for the work she has done to make Michigan a state supports the educational freedom of its citizens. Some only know her by the good deeds she has committed, but the nation, at-large, is now familiar with her due to her becoming the Secretary of Education for the United States. While Betsy DeVos has just made her first large appearance on the national stage, she has been working behind the scenes for many years to support the rights of American families to be able to send their kids to a school they choose.


For Betsy DeVos, educational choice is something that every American should have access to. Some people are still confused about what exactly educational choice means, and she has worked hard to educate the public through speaking engagements and personal appearances. Educational choice has to do with giving every family in the U.S.A. not only the right but the financial backing to have the opportunity to send their children to any school they desire. As it is now, most families can’t afford to pay for the tuitions of charter schools or private schools. In a way, this means they are locked out of them and are forced to send their kids to a public school based on their zip code.


Betsy DeVos wants Americans to understand that there are funds that do pay for the education of every child in the country. Unfortunately, most of these funds go directly to public schools. Since many public schools are becoming dangerous places for kids where violence and aggressive behavior is the norm, she wants to help to give them a better choice. In her opinion, a school is a place where kids should be learning rather than having to fight for their survival every day. Who can argue with that, really?


This is the position that many of her opponents are finding themselves in. They are also realizing that she is a woman who will fight for the rights of American children no matter the cost. She has donated millions of dollars of her own money to support educational choice, and some of this money has gone directly to help pay the tuition costs of children whose family could not afford to do so. She has also continually pushed for legislation that would do the same and is having more and more success every day.


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