Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Define Their Sound

First Production Days Together

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came together early in 2012 and began sharing sounds with each other, collaborating more and more and started to settle into a sound they were both becoming pleased with. Both are pleased with the distance they have gone in four years, but are still finding newer depths in expressing their sound.

We Can Work it Out?

According to the testimony of Alex Pall, he and Taggart knew what was being brought to the studio. When Alex and Andrew talked it revolved around two topics: their musical interest and the things they really were passionate about when they were growing up. They often shared ideas about their desire for this kind of life and the things that excited their enthusiasm and ambitions. Alex Pall shared how both he and Andrew were observant of the things going on musically around them and could really assess who was killing it and who was able to nail their message down to get to the next level of music-making.

Sourcing the Chainsmokers Sound

Alex Pall said he and Andrew were both eager to shape a sound that reflected what was going on around themselves. The sound is something that continues to evolve as the band grows in maturity, the knowledge they have of their fans, the culture they interact with and their own growth as artists. It was obvious when they started working together who had strengths where and how each one could make their musical identity mature.

Point of No Return

Alex Pall say that both he and Andrew had an incredible work ethic and they both totally committed to the process knowing that it would take having a solid work ethic and the dedication to go all the way. Essentially it was like, say Alex Pall “we knew we had a lot to learn and a lot of ground to cover.”

The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, both East Coast, who early matured as artists in the world of DJing, began the Chainsmoker journey in 2012 when they both came together thru the instrumentality of Adam Alpert, the manager of the Chainsmokers. In, four short years the Chainsmokers have accumulated a host of accolades from ASCAP, Billboard and other gatekeepers for the music industry.