Alex Hern, and his Efforts with Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is an entrepreneur and investor. He has been involved in the industry for over 25 years. He co-founded and served as Director for Inktomi, also known as INKT. This was the company that developed the search technology for AOL, MSN and Yahoo.

Hern co-founded Military Commercial Technologies. Military Commercial Technologies is a tech commercialization company. Their efforts are funded by L-3 and Lockheed. He subsequently served as their CEO and Chairman. Hern co-founded Arcsight, also known as ARST. Arcsight is a cyber security company. Once their efforts hit the mainstream they sold their business to Hewlett-Packard.

Alex Hern co-founded CloudShield. CloudShield is a security network company. They sold their business to SAIC. SAIC is a technology firm that deals with commercial and government projects. Alex Hern has served on boards for, Zero Knowledge Systems and Triton Network Systems. He has been involved with the cyber security industry for many years. He has helped initiate companies in the sector of cyber security, as well as serve on their committee boards.

Tsunami XR is an innovative advancement in the XR industry. Tsunami XR is different and unique in the services they offer. Tsunami XR offers software suites. These features allow businesses to utilize VR and 3D modeling. This way Tsunami XR Workspaces can facilitate virtual collaboration. Travel costs were not a hindrance to their success. The members of the company can brainstorm and work together without the need to be in the same place at the same time. Tsunami VR has a second program as well. Their second program is called Tsunami XR Studios. This feature 3D rendering, with simulation and animation. This 3D model allows business to become involved in a virtual reality. This software has persuaded energy companies to trade their use of Microsoft HoloLens HMD with Tsunami XR. With both Tsunami XR Workspaces and Tsunami XR Studios, clients and business partners have access and control over their efforts to communicate and collaborate in a new way.