The Chainsmokers and Freedom of Self-Identity in Somebody

Genesis of a Song

It is easy to think how easy it is to create a song from scratch without understanding the process it needs to go thru to reach its maturity inside the artists head. The first question we should ask is how did the songwriter get the inspiration to begin the song.


“Somebody” Deep Dive into Freedom

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been turning out new songs since they first started their sonic journey together in 2012. “Somebody” dives into how difficult it can be to being honest with self-dentity and remain free form material objects that obscure “know thyself.”

In recent interviews, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have made it known that this darker side of their sound is also the outcome of becoming mature as artists, which comes with the territory. If everything an artist wrote and produced sounded the same then their fans would be doubting the emotional trip they were taking with the artist.


Lyric Breakdown

There is a beautiful lyric breakdown of the “Somebody” lyrics on Genius. The “Sick Boy” EP had four songs and four covers. Each song has its own cover. So the artist who was involved with each of the songs was different. Songwriters were Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren, and Drew Love; performers and artists.


The message of “Somebody”

“Somebody” is a mixture of elements drawn from EDM, pop, and Trap. The song explores how it is a struggle to choose to not follow the path others have taken to lose themselves in material objects that obscure their true identity, “know thyself;” it is a struggle for the person who is seriously set on not falling into the same trap.


The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers began in 2012 in a humble studio in New York, but have since then received many awards for their EDM Pop songs and visitied the Billboard Charts with sveral of their Top 10 songs. The Chainsmokers “Somebody” peaked at #15 on the Billboard Charts in May. “Closer” was #1 on August 20, 2016. Forbes named the Chainsmokers #3 Electronic Cash Kings of 2017 at $38M.